Come and join author Richard Grudens as he presents an intimate and detailed account of one of America's continuously operated general stores and the town in which it dwells. There is also a section dedicated to other continuously or currently operating general stores. When you begin reading this book, you'll find it will bring you back to the joys of your childhood or remembrances of grandparents who may have lived out their lives as faithful customers. Here you will learn of the store's operation, the products they merchandised, the many famous historical celebrities who formed the store s list of patrons, from the great acting family of the Barrymores to legendary actress Maude Adams, all who performed on the Broadway stage, and the fateful story of the famed architect Stanford White and his personal relationship to the store. Read on my friends. The past will enchant you throughout the pages of this book. (Author Richard Grudens is a long-time St. James resident, and was a former owner of The St. James General Store).

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