FOREWORD  by Mitzi Gaynor

How do I love Lee??? Let me count the ways.

I love his sense of humor. It is amazingly complete - it's sly, sweet, naughty, kind, tres sophisticated, high and low.

I love his kindness - his eyebrow that tells me I've gone too far. He is never mean or rude. I'm still trying to figure out how he can be so cool.

I love his talent!!! His genius gave the world The Dean Martin Show. Every week he created the songs and the production numbers for the most sought after stars in the movies, stage and television world, choosing songs new and old, and his own special material. The fans and stars adored him and the show.

I love his charity. He gives from his heart. He does the most amazing film clips of all time. Here comes the humor, the style, the perfect taste and the glamour that makes everyone glad he did those highlights of their careers. Bravo! If it weren't for his art, there would be no Professional Dancers Society.

I love his strength. He had an awful lot of very heavy duty health problems. He is a man of steel. He's stronger than any man I've ever known. And I'm not kidding when I say his strength helps all of us.

One afternoon I called him at the hospital. I was really worried about the procedure he was going through. He answered, "Good afternoon, Holiday Inn. How can I direct your call?"

I love him because he's Lee Hale. That's the best thing you can say about anyone.

So read on my friend.

A Note From Richard Grudens:

 Well, Lee and I go back to our association with the Society of Singers. We were both longtime members and Lee sat on the Board of Directors. At the time I was turning out one book after another and every time I needed the contact information of some of the subjects of those books, Lee would go out of his way to provide the information I required, that allowed me interviews I otherwise would have missed. He even allowed me to use his song "The Ladies Who Sang with the Bands," the perfect introduction to my book The Song Stars, which covered the careers of the ladies who did sing with the bands.

Over the years we helped one another on other projects. His input to a number of those books were always well presented, especially when it came to Dean Martin.

The complimentary words from friends and fellow performers throughout this book prove that Lee Hale was, himself, a giant among the stars he wrote for, directed, and presented to the world of television viewers like you and me.

This is a wonderful and well presented story of our good friend, Lee Hale who deserves nothing less.

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