I'm sure you'll have plenty of time to learn about my friend Connie's fantastic singing career because that's what most people know about her.  She has always been a very upbeat positive person who has the guts to face today - no matter what the situation - and looks forward to tomorrow.

     Her life has not been easy.  I don't know many people who have had to face as many obstacles both physically and emotionally as Connie Haines.  If it wasn't for her strong faith in God she could never have made it, but she knew without a doubt in the world that " All things work together for good to those who love the Lord and are the called according to his purpose." And called she certainly was.

     Connie, Beryl Davis, Rhonda Fleming and I were all involved in the Hollywood Christian Group and had an absolute ball singing old time spirituals which were the very first to be introduced on pop labels, and we sang them in nightclubs from New York, Chicago, Las Vegas, and all the way to Japan.  Many people thought it was shocking and sacrilegious but we knew better.  We knew the Lord was pleased when King David danced down the streets of Jerusalem and that his wife Michal was punished for despising him because of it.  We were making "A joyful noise unto the Lord" and we grabbed hands and prayed with our drummer and piano conductor before every show.

     I'm sure you'll enjoy learning more about this honorable, faithful, fun- loving, talented, crystal chandelier loving Southern Belle.

Jane Russell,

Montecito, California



At 17 she starred with Sinatra and Harry James' band!!!!

This is the story of the little girls with the magnificent voice from Savannah, Georgia who sang out to America with the Big Bands of Harry James and Tommy Dorsey. For two years Connie Haines and Frank Sinatra, who won the title Best Boy and Girl Singer of the era, sang shoulder to shoulder on stages across America, singing "Let's Get Away from It All" and "Snootie Little Cutie," and "Oh, Look At Me Now." With a foreword by her friend and singing companion Jane Russell, and comments by Frankie Laine and Rhonda Fleming, you are transported back to the 1940s and '50s, the Big Band Era. With over 50 wonderful, original photos you will relive her days with the Big Bands and the Abbott & Costello tours and with "Les Girls" Jane, Beryl Davis, & Rhonda Fleming. As Jane Russell says, "I'm sure you'll enjoy learning more about this honorable, faithful, fun-loving, talented, crystal chandelier loving Southern Belle."

Richard Grudens brings you this heart-warming story of one of America's best-loved vocalists who still performs today. He provides you with that special insight into her life.



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